Ariele Alasko


Pretty pretty wood




Ariele Alasko makes new life out of old discarded chairs and planks of food. Basically everything that has no use in life anymore has been rebirth! I like how she added her own personal touch to each and every table or headboards or cheeseboards. No two product is the same, and it should feel special that you are the only person in the world who has that coffeetable isn’t it?

How cool would that headboard look in the bedroom? Something similar here would be Originals. Well, its not exactly the same as Alasko’s handcrafted work (we see via images that every furniture Ariele built is from scratch, the rivets, the nails, the sawing, the polishing) but for the past few months, our eyes and mind are more open to be on the lookout for furniture made of wood. Recently, we pop by Originals showroom to see for ourselves that dinner table I spotted in of their images from Facebook.


It’s still a far fetch idea, but we’ve sort of know the look of our house interior. It’d be wicked.

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