Artkave: Awakening Imaginations


We had the pleasure of popping by into one of friend’s exhibition two weekends back. Organised by Kaveman Academy, the exhibition was held at Viridian Arthouse between 24th to 27th October. ArtKave: Awakening Imagination is a celebration of children’s art by showcasing what little small nifty fingers can do. The exhibits done by students from the local schools are focused around aspects of construction, mix and match and critical creative thinking.

This exihibit provided a platform for creative yet infantile pieces of works from a range of different medium. Why infantile? At one glance, the works on display seem to level my expectations of what a primary schooler can do – the intricate design, the choice and colour contrasts but admist the dizzying array of creative pieces, I forgot that a child’s perception and creative thinking still belongs to a child. Hence, it’s no surprise to see traces of a child’s identity in the artworks displayed. With challenging themes like Caricature, Animal & Its Habitat and Places of Interest, each individual piece of artwork surpasses my expectation that a child of this age could think critically beyond the peripheral lines subtly imposed by our autocratic school system.

I applaud the person behind this exhibition! Atiqah Aziz has successfully guided each participant to think like a real artist. When she explained the process behind each theme and how each child is meant to perform the task, I admire Atiqah’s coaching techniques and her dedicated approach to have each individual child explore his/her imagination to the fullest.

Atiqah Aziz_ArtKave



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