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A needle and a pencil makes a good pair

Born out of a belief that every design starts with rudimentary skills in creating ideas from scribbles and getting your hands nifty and gritty, Neblostudio aims to inject quirky design and craft into everyday objects.

Neblostudio was created in 2008 when Ariffah Johari and Hasyim Isa discovered that they needed to team up to bind their passion for crafts and handmade wearables with illustrations and peppy graphics.

Ariffah’s eye for details ensured that the little accessories she created from hours of meticulous sketching and stitching turned out to be exactly how she imagined them to be. With a pinch of creativity in stitching her own tote bags, Ariffah felt it was time to do something bigger that everyone else can be apart of.

Hasyim’s enthusiasm in doodling odd illustrations and an inate zest for screenprinting led them to create their first tote bags collection which quickly earned the duo a reputation for combining craft and illustration onto a piece of cotton canvas. Hasyim’s works have been published by Noise Singapore and various art and lifestyle magazines. He has also been featured in Berita Harian and Manja Magazine.

Today, the couple continues their craft with more emphasis on product design and illustration. Neblostudio is now a full-pledge creative and an art direction workshop that offers conceptual consultation to event planning.

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